Haneef Atmar’s electoral team suspends campaign for next month’s presidential elections

2019/08/09 00:00:00

The Peace and Moderation electoral team led by Mohammad Haneef Atmar has announced the suspension of election campaigns for next month’s presidential elections.

According to a statement released by Peace and Moderation team, the illegal actions of the incumbent electoral team has damaged the credibility of the elections process.

The statement further added that the ARG Palace continues to its ‘bare interventions’ in the absence of necessary reforms which were sought by Peace and Moderation team and other electoral teams in the framework of Presidential Candidates’ Coordination Council.

Furthermore, Atmar’s electoral team stated that they and other electoral teams had also sought suspension of election campaigns for a period of one week.

The statement also added that no assurance exists regarding the transparency of elections considering the existing situation.

On the other hand, the Peace and Moderation team stated that a rise in violence and political instability having links with the elections process and potential threats against the elections will harm the peace process, emphasizing that the team has parallel views regarding peace and elections and considers both as vital for the country.

Meanwhile, the Peace and Moderation team stated that its leadership will continue to review its role considering the changing situation of the country and will take necessary decisions accordingly.

This comes as reports emerged earlier suggesting that the Peace and Moderation has not launched election campaigns due to differences among the members of the team.

According to reports, the two key members of the team, Ata Mohammad Noor and Mohammad Younus Qanooni had agreed with Mr. Atmar to modify the constitution of Afghanistan and change the structure of the government from a centralized to a semi-centralized system.

However, the Peace and Moderation collapsed after the other members of the team, specifically the Pashtun leaders did not reach to an agreement in this regard.

Source: Khama News

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